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Tea making in Jing Mai, Yunnan.

In Yunnan, there is a magic flower called “rice dyed flower” (染饭花, scientific name: Buddleja crispa). It has a very strong and natural honey fragrance. Local people will use it to make a yellow sticky rice, which is very famous.

Tea bushes in Jingmai are sprouting now🌱🌱

Hello Spring! Hello Monday!🍀🍀

A wonderful place – Jingmai 

It is the original place of our three kinds of Jingmai Pu-erh Cake Tea with a pleasant ecological environment. The shiny night is also charming.

The place of origin of most pu-erh teas and Dian Hong Black——Yunnan.
What a beautiful scenery!

Enjoy the beautiful rainbow in tea mountain🌈🌈

Another JIngmai tea named Jingmai Zui Qian Qiu Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2017 is coming.

This Jingmai raw Pu-erh cake belongs to autumn tea for its fresh leaves are picked in the autumn. Meanwhile, it is also known as rice flower tea. During the time of picking the autumn tea, it is generally the season of ripening and harvesting of rice, which also has the meaning of harvesting season. As a result, people like to call Pu-erh tea harvested in autumn as rice flower tea. Due to the low precipitation in autumn and the dry climate, not only the inner quality of tea preserves well, but also the aroma of tea can be maintained to the greatest extent in the process of picking and making autumn tea. 

Cows in Jingmai Tea Mountain😏😏

Having the Jingmai puerh right now, it’s such a good sheng to start this morning.

Have you tried any puerh from Jingmai mountain?