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I’ve been staying in a cabin in the Sout…

I’ve been staying in a cabin in the South of Norway lately, but when I came back home today and checked my Instagram I was suddenly reminded of the photo contest started by @mbfleur_tea. Since I had the chance to do a quick gong fu session before I left the cabin I thought I should share a photo from it even though it’s a bit late (better late than never) 😅 The tea is a dragonball sheng puerh from @crimsonlotustea, called Planet Kunlu. Love the dragonball shengs when brewing outdoors in the summer. As you can see this was a forest session.
The first time I was introduced to gong fu brewing was during a holiday trip abroad a few years ago. My girlfriend and I came across a small tea house and started talking to the owner while having a cup of sencha. I think the owner quickly realized I was interested in tea, but also that I had MUCH to learn. I had mostly been drinking Japanese teas and was new to the concept of gong fu cha. The owner of the shop recommended a strange brewing tool called gaiwan and three samples of oolong to start with, a green, a medium roasted and a heavy roasted one. I was on a budget so I couldn’t afford more than two packs of samples and a cheap, but well made clay gaiwan. I’m not sure if the owner felt sorry for me or if she saw the potential of a future gong fu master, but she gave me the last sample for free. I am forever grateful, Shifu🙏 After that it was gong fu all day, every day! Today, I’m quite familiar with both gong fu brewing and gaiwans, but it’s fun to think about how strange and new all this was not long ago.
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our gong fu stories @mbfleur_tea !! #teawithmarianne
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