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Jianzhan with Bodhi leaf is famous for the interior leaf as natural as though it were living. According to legend, when the artist was firing the Jianzhan in the ancient times, he was directly put it into the kiln without attention even though a leaf fell into it. While opening the kiln later, a magical scene appeared. The leaf was perfectly integrated into the glaze and was completely preserved. Since then, this type of Jianzhan has been passed down.

TeaVivre’s Jianzhan which selects the Bodhi leaf with clear veins is straightly placed on body surface of the glaze. Through high-temperature firing progress, not only the Bodhi leaf is not destroyed into ash, but also distinct veins and lines are fully kept on this black tea bowl. After pouring the tea liquor, with ripples swaying, the Bodhi leaf inside seems to float in the tea liquor, waggling and vivid.