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Tea making in Jing Mai, Yunnan.

A wonderful place – Jingmai 

It is the original place of our three kinds of Jingmai Pu-erh Cake Tea with a pleasant ecological environment. The shiny night is also charming.

Another JIngmai tea named Jingmai Zui Qian Qiu Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2017 is coming.

This Jingmai raw Pu-erh cake belongs to autumn tea for its fresh leaves are picked in the autumn. Meanwhile, it is also known as rice flower tea. During the time of picking the autumn tea, it is generally the season of ripening and harvesting of rice, which also has the meaning of harvesting season. As a result, people like to call Pu-erh tea harvested in autumn as rice flower tea. Due to the low precipitation in autumn and the dry climate, not only the inner quality of tea preserves well, but also the aroma of tea can be maintained to the greatest extent in the process of picking and making autumn tea. 

Jingmai Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake is selected from the ancient tea trees on the 1500 meters high mountain in Jingmai as material, and processed by the traditional methods. The tea was harvested in spring which coincides with the dry season in Yunnan. Less precipitation and plenty of sunshine are contribute to the formation of aromatic substances in tea trees.

Open up the cotton package, we can smell the orchid fragrance of the dry leaves. Compared with the Jingmai Single Bush Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea 2018, this tea has more prominent orchid aroma, which can last to the sixth steep. The first steep is soft with fresh aroma; after the forth steep, the liquid becomes rich and mellow. Swallowing the smooth liquid, the slight bitterness will immediately disappear, followed by a sweet aftertaste in mouth and throat. Even when we finished a cup of tea, the orchid fragrance still remains in the tea cup for a long time.

Cows in Jingmai Tea Mountain😏😏

Have you tried any puerh from Jingmai mountain?