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*Customer Review of Bai lin Gongfu Black Tea* 🌱DRY LEAVES – Preciously twisted leaves, delicately, which demonstrates their careful collection and processing. The buds have a creamy shine due to the soft hairs with golden tips. Uniform size, which represents a proper manufacturing process. There are abundant tips or buds and most of the leaves are coated with those soft hairs that give it a definite shine. It is processed delicately; it has the appearance of a thin wire. Its floral and fruity aroma is noticeable instantly. 🍵INFUSION – Golden honey, orange. The cup tends towards a reddish orange color that can be labeled as coppery. Intense, clean, attractive and very pleasant fragrant perception. Powerful and deep in aroma. Intense and very suggestive. Sweet, sugary. Aromatic openness, without defects, very clean aroma. At first the aromatic contribution predominates. Pleasant aroma with a wide range of notes that are perceived. It is very sweet in nature with an overwhelming taste of warm chocolate. The infusion is illuminated with the golden hairs that give it a definite shine that predicts a good quality of the infusion. It has a sweet taste and toned honey. It has a smooth cookie flavor, with nuances of caramel, fruits and nuts. 🍃WET LEAVES – The magic of these thin, elongated dry leaves that unfold in the water is lovely, with a bright orange appearance. Once infused its coloration is a hot chocolate color. Intense hazelnut Its wavy, ribbed and unopened appearance is beautiful, hypnotic. They seem plasticized. Thin sheets tend to open into elongated pointed leaves. It has a pleasant aroma that is like sugarcane, accompanied by some nutty scents and roasted woods. ✍🏼OPINION – A great tea to try and enjoy at any time of the year. Its fragrance and flavor is second to none. You have to try it to enjoy and savor something unique. It is a tea to repeat and have it at home for very special moments; It will always tell us something different in each infusion we do. Cheer up! It won´t let you down. 📷Photo by Matías C.💕

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