Author: TeaVivre

Did you remember the organic tea garden of our organic Da Hong Pao and orgnic Shui Xian? Share you how it looks like now

On March 28, the tea garden of Huang Shan Mao Feng snowed. 

Got sample of the 2020 spring Ming Qian Long Jing Green Tea!! 😍😍 The taste and the bean aroma are very rich, the fragrance lingering in my tea pitcher… 😋😋It’s better than last year in my mind!😊😊

Parying mantis is basking in the sun😊😊

Tea making in Jing Mai, Yunnan.

Color-changing tea pet😍😍 Sooo cute😄😄 

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Spring in the tea garden in Mt. Mengding🌱💐🌸

Harvest of Te Gong Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea😍😍

Mr Lai is carving on the Nixing Pottery teapot, who is very famous for carving shrimp in Qinzhou. He often goes fishing to observe the various postures of the shrimp. Very vivid!