Tom Burke in Don Carlos at Kingston Rose Theat…

Tom Burke in Don Carlos at Kingston Rose Theatre

Very blurry photo, I’m afraid. The production was brilliant. 

I understand that there has been some negativity about the set. However, I’m used to the pared down sets and minimalist groups of actors from companies such as Hull Truck, so it didn’t bother me. The focus then becomes the content of the script and the players.

The play strikes a chord with timeless issues – tyranny and oppression, ambitious parties seeking personal gain by aligning themselves with the powerful, dealing with mental instability, domestic abuse, refugees fleeing their home countries from religious/political persecution. All very thought provoking.

The play was very well executed, marred only by a short episode of dreadful over acting in the second half when one of the female leads threw themselves on the floor, imploring for forgiveness and crying.

I was lucky enough to see Tom Burke very close up, prior to the performance. He walked past me in the lobby and he gave me the sweetest smile. I was taken by surprise about how lovely looking he is, and his smile is perfect. My only regret is not trying to talk to him, but he was clearly in a hurry and I didn’t want to impinge on his time.

This was such a successful start for a new theatre company. I hope that the ventures of Ara won’t end here. I also hope that the company will visit other regional theatres. Please consider the Gordon Craig theatre, Stevenage. I travelled from Hertfordshire to Kingston to see the play,