Teavivre Keemun Black Tea


Teavivre was gracious enough to send me several samples to try and review. 

I started with a black tea (since I’m not a huge fan usually) this tea smells smokey with notes of malt. 

I steeped this tea eastern style but in a rather large pot (250ml)

So how does it taste? I pick up smokey malt notes with a more lingering sweet potato and floral. Ever since I started drinking black tea gongfu style, I’ve really started to appreciate what it has to offer. I feel like western just comes out overpowering and bitter. I can see Keemun being a go to tea if I want something a little more energizing in the morning. This also makes a lovely addition for dreary cold afternoons when you want something to warm you up inside and out, its woodsy like qualities make it a great tea to have in front of the fireplace with a good book.