moolric-ceramics: Two little teapots I finally…


Two little teapots

I finally finished my 2 little teapots that I first posted 2 months ago. They are child-sized. You can see a size comparison in the last 2 photos – to a 50c piece and my mark stamp, which is 1cm square.

The second teapot is a similar (though not identical) clay body to the first, just I photographed the unglazed version while it was still drying.

The Glaze

Believe it or not, all these pieces have exactly the same glaze on them. I added some cobalt carbonate to some Buttermilk that was already made up and the result is what I’ve decided to call Lavender.

I think the main difference is from differences in the clay body. They are both made from reclaimed stoneware clay, of unknown proportions of PB103 and BRT. They might even have other things in them. The first set definitely has a whole lot more trachyte in it, hence all the speckles. The 2nd doesn’t have much, if any. 

You’ll notice too that in the first set, the teapot and 1 cup are quite pink, while the other cups are bluish. I am fairly certain that is from the glaze being thicker where it is pink. I felt like I was having trouble getting the glaze into the tiny cups, so I watered it down a bit to make it easier to dip into. You can see lines too on the cups from the dipping.

I think I glazed the 2nd teapot after I had watered the glaze down, so that may account for some of the differences too.

Pottery swap

I made the first teapot for a friend from my pottery club. She has a little girl who she is going to give it to for her 4th birthday. In exchange, she made me an amazing multi-part bowl in her unique style. I’ll be posting photos of it tomorrow, so stay tuned.