I LOVE museums and exhibitions, and I am thrilled to answer your questionnaire!

1. What’s your favourite ever museum?

I can’t pick just one. I can’t. So I’ll go with my top 3:

The Louvre – the sheer size of it and the amount of art it holds is just breathtaking. I love the HUGE paintings in the biggest halls, and the Egyptian floor is every kid-in-an-adult’s-body’s dream. Also, I’ve been there twice, and both times I got lost and took forever to find an exit. It’s a maze of wonders, and I’ve never enjoyed getting lost so much. 😂

The Newseum in Washington, D.C. Their newspaper collection with the biggest headlines from ALL OF THE YEARS is mind-blowing. And scary, demonstrating how prone to creating chaos mankind is. And seeing the crooked and blackened top piece of the WTC while news footage from 9/11 was playing was one of the most intense moments I’ve ever experienced in a museum. Everyone passing through that room couldn’t help crying, including me.

The National History Museum in New York. Entering a museum and finding a dinosaur skeleton looming above you is just unforgettable. And they have their own planetarium in there! *gasp* And moon stones and artifacts of all kinds that make you feel like a dust mote in the grand scheme of things. Awe-inspiring.

2. Do you stroll around every room? Or check out the map and just hit up the highlights?

I take the whole tour. There’s too much of a risk that I might miss something fantastic and grandiose to skip anything. Which is why a friend of mine and I spent three days in a row in the Louvre. Museum nerd master level. ☺️

3. What’s your usual museum café order? Just a scone and tea? A full meal plus wine?

Most museum cafés are bland places with plastic chairs and dry cake or soggy sandwiches in cling wrap AND ridiculously expensive, which is why I usually avoid them. With one exception, and listen up now, because it’s an insider tip you won’t find in a travel guide:

The small MAKK Museum in Cologne (museum for the applied arts) has a tiny café with a beautiful courtyard in the middle which, in the warm season, is like an oasis of peace and quiet and cool shade that’ll make you forget you’re in a big city exploding with noise and people. They only have a very small menu, but their cake is good, and their apple strudel with vanilla ice cream is the best!

4. Are you a gift shop fan? What’s the best museum gift shop you’ve ever been in?

I love gift shops, although I almost never buy anything, except for post cards of paintings or quotes. The best I’ve ever been in was probably the one in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. They had so much cool stuff there! Too much, actually: I was too overwhelmed to buy anything. But I loved it anyway.

5. Do you take pics of everything you like? Or write it down? Or just seal it up in your memory?

Most museums don’t allow pictures these days. But even so, I’ve found out that photos rarely bring the real thing across. And it’s not just the fact that I’m horrible at taking pictures through glass and with low lighting. It just loses something essential in a photo. It’s soul? *melodramatic music flares*

6. Aaaand finally: If we were to visit a museum together, where would we go?

The Wallace Collection in London. I would love to stand there with you, staring reverently at “The Souvenir”, discussing art, the film and every Tomblr connection we ever found or will find. And then go for high tea and discuss some more.

7. Personal bonus question: Which Museum are you planning to visit next?

I have two on the list:

The current Beethoven exhibition in the Kunsthalle Museum in Bonn. It’s Beethoven’s 250th anniversary this year, and I love exhibitions that embed an artist’s work into history and the time period and everyday life that surrounded them while creating their art (in this case: music).

The St. Florian monastery near Linz, Austria. It’s baroque-style library holds 150.000 books, many of them hand-written medieval tomes and beautifully restored early prints. We’re planning a holiday trip there this summer, and I may possibly never emerge from it again.

BONUS museum anecdote: When I was a kid, my parents took me to a Tutanchamun exhibition in… can’t remember… Essen, I think?

I remember perching on my dad’s shoulders so I could look at the gold-and-blue death mask over all the people crowded around it. And I remember being certain that I was now struck with the Curse Of Tutanchamun and that I would die a mysterious and tragic death soon and that it was worth it. And I didn’t tell anybody.

Whew. This was long, but I warned you, @elcaminode, didn’t I? 😉 And now I’m tagging YOU!

Also tagging @imaginehowcharming and @enigma-the-mysterious, if you guys want!


Today has been (one of) the longest days in the history of days, so at the risk of annoying people (although obvs there’s no requirement to do it) I made another tag – but this time it’s a Let’s Go To The Museum tag!

  1. What’s your favourite ever museum?
  2. Do you stroll around every room? Or check out the map and just hit up the highlights?
  3. What’s your usual museum cafe order? Just a scone and tea? A full meal plus wine?
  4. Are you a gift shop fan? What’s the best museum gift shop you’ve ever been in?
  5. Do you take pics of everything you like? Or write the title down? Or just seal it up in your memory?
  6. Aaaaand finally if we were to visit a museum together where would we go and why?

Once again I awkwardly await tumbleweed (or tumblr weed, heh heh heh) but if you’re a fan of museums and wanna do it then I tag @novelogical @highfunctioningflailgirl @robinlestrange @vgriffindor @lulacat3 and anyone else reading this that wants to go on an imaginary museum trip 😁🤓

Top museums for me

Natural History Museum – London. It’s not just the exhibition rooms but the entire building is so magnificent architecturally. It is a cathedral to the natural world. In addition, the scientific archives behind the scenes, the new “Cocoon” interactive learning environment. Let us not forget the educational function, from Primary school to post Doctoral. Did you see the ‘Night at the Museum’ style documentary with Sir David Attenborough – simply wonderful

I really like the British Museum. I may have a typical touristy photo, where I tried to take a selfie next to the Rosetta Stone. Generally I don’t take photos. 

Louvre is magnificent, I think one could spend all day long for a week and not take everything in. I adored the miniature houses and household items, for people to take into the afterlife, Egyptology section. 

My wish is to visit the Hermitage, hopefully combined with a trip to the Bolshoi Ballet

Most recently attended exhibition – Anthony Gormley at the Royal Academy. There was a sensation of elemental powers at work and marriage of Maths and Science with Art. One of the rooms contained a huge set of metal coils filling the whole room. Standing in the centre made me feel as if I was the nucleus of an atom with the electrons in orbit around me.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and went to the Star Wars Identities exhibition at O2 a few years ago. Took loads of photos and bought the exhibition coffee table book

Cafe wise, the food order depends on the time of day and whether there are plans to go elsewhere. Generally with regards to museums and galleries, the food is very ordinary and overpriced. it’s much better to go down into the Crypt cafe at St Martin’s which is close to National Gallery

Shop wise, I have little self control and buy souvenirs. The nicest souvenir I purchased was a cutting of the famous grape vine from Hampton Court Palace. Sadly, the vine died but I did have a grape harvest, a grand total of five grapes.

Museum visit together – Windsor Castle, if there is any possibility. I would love to see the curated collection of art. The collection contains sketches, including the scientific drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and items by Faberge and a Nurnberg egg. Remember the Musketeers handle one, when they investigate the murder, of which Porthos is falsely accused

@elcaminode​ I realise that this is not specifically about museums. I have seen from your postings that you are a Byron fan. I had a wonderful trip to the ballet at London Coliseum ( beautiful building ) to see Le Corsaire, part of English National Ballet’s 70th birthday programme. The story is based on one of Byron’s poems of same title

@highfunctioningflailgirl​ thanks for the tag

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